Neurosciences musique Danemark 21 juin 2020.

In collaboration with

Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) in partnership with
Aarhus University
Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg
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The Mariani Foundation for Paediatric Neurology announces The Neurosciences and Music – VII congress to be held in Aarhus, Denmark, from 19 to 22 June, 2020. The seventh edition of this established series will again gather the main experts from all over the world for the most important conference in the field. The central theme will focus on Connecting with music across the lifespan. The program will include Keynote Lectures, Symposia, Poster Sessions, and a Pre-conference Workshop. The meeting will be of interest to neuroscientists, psychologists, clinicians and professionals in the medical field, therapists, educators, musicians, musicologists, and students in each of these fields.

The conference will be co-hosted by the Danish National Research Foundation’s Center for Music In the Brain (MIB), an interdisciplinary center of excellence addressing the dual questions of how music is processed in the brain and how this can inform our understanding of fundamental principles behind brain processing in general.

The whole city of Aarhus, which features a beautiful and concentrated array of unique historical and cultural venues, will be transformed into the host venue for Neurosciences and Music! Alongside the scientific program, the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg (RAMA) opens its doors to the conference and offers dedicated musical opportunities. Music will fill the air throughout the social program. High-level musical events in a variety of genres will be offered in unique settings. Jam sessions will be arranged with local musicians, inviting conference participants to join in and share their talents.