Added Someone to a Board by Agreement of Existing Members Crossword Clue

Are you puzzled by the crossword clue « added someone to a board by agreement of existing members »? Well, you`re not alone. This clue can be a tricky one to solve, but fear not, we`re here to help.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of solving this clue, let`s briefly touch on what it means. « Adding someone to a board by agreement of existing members » most likely refers to the process of electing a new member to an existing board of directors or committee. This is a common practice in many organizations and is usually done through a vote of the current members.

Now, back to the crossword clue. The key to solving this one is to focus on the phrase « by agreement of existing members ». This implies that the new member was added to the board through a process of collective decision-making, rather than being appointed by a single individual or group.

So, what`s the answer? Well, there are a few possible solutions depending on the length and format of the crossword, but some common options include « elected », « voted in », or « co-opted ». These all describe the process of adding a new member to a board through a group decision.

If you`re still stuck on this clue, try looking for other clues in the puzzle that might provide more context. For example, if you see clues related to organizations or leadership, this could be a hint that the answer has to do with board membership. You can also try filling in any letters you know for certain and using that information to narrow down your options.

Ultimately, solving this clue requires a combination of deduction, contextual analysis, and a little bit of vocabulary knowledge. But with a little practice, you`ll be a crossword master in no time!

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